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Vote for the director representing the employee shareholders at the Orange Board

Orange, connecting the world together, sustainably !

Orange is a key player in the digital economy. However, its flexibility is limited by regulations and taxation which negatively impact its revenue and profit margins, while GAFAM keep benefitting from attractive conditions.

As the leading investor in telecommunications networks in France, Europe and Africa, Orange directly contributes to the economic development of many countries: broadband connectivity is now essential, and should allow everyone to benefit from digital services, while ensuring respect for both the environment and customer’s privacy. Our company is a key player in regional planning, but also in maintaining or developing employment where it must be exemplary, in terms of internal and non-outsourced employment, working conditions, equitable sharing of value produced. As the share of digital technology in the consumption of our planet's resources is growing, Orange must offer solutions and services that make it possible to effectively combat global warming. and the degradation of our environment.

Orange is a key player in digital sovereignty. Our group installs a quarter of the world's submarine cables, it has developed one of the first European Cybersecurity hubs, and an unrivaled service coverage for businesses, thanks to the presence  of Orange Business Services in 200 countries. Orange must contribute to the development of strong technological clusters to deploy AI, Data, Cloud Computing, and 5G, responsibly.

It is up to Orange’s administrators to inspire ambitious goals and dynamics so that our company can develop and maintain a key position, while giving it the opportunity to express the values it wants to embody on the global stage.

sebastiencrozier web

Sébastien Crozier
President of the CFE-CGC Orange
Director representing employee at the Orange board (elected by staff)

Orange CFE-CGC & ADEAS defend:

A responsible governance and a powerful employee shareholding

Orange CFE-CGC and ADEAS (Association for the Defense of Savings and Employee Shareholding) actively campaign for free shares and generous ORP (Offers Reserved for Personal) being offered to you every year. Our objective is that the initial promise of our CEO be kept, to reach 10% of our equity and nearly 20% of the voting rights in the hands of our staff.
A powerful employee shareholding allows (at General Shareholders' Meetings as well as at the Orange Board of Directors,) to weight significantly against attempts of destabilisation and to work toward our business’ project and values: placing employees first, and customers and territories before pension funds. Our work-force, which is our Company’s first asset, must take an active part in the future development of Orange, focused on human development.

Sustainable growth

A high dividend does not support the share price. On the contrary, it causes it to drop with each payment, and it then rises only very slowly.

The announcement of a new cap of € 0.70 per share shows how imperative it is to continue the fight for a dividend that respects Orange’s investment capabilities as well as a better sharing of the result between employees and shareholders. Since 2009, the CFE-CGC and ADEAS have steadily been asking to lower dividends. This provides us means to support our networks, acquisitions and innovation.
Improving our share price on stock markets requires growing our turnover within our core activities and strengthening investments in new growth activities, while maintaining a sustainable debt level. Permanent cost-cutting policies aiming to improve short-term financial results only jeopardize the future.

Therefore, it's key to maintain a full control of our strategic infrastructures. The creation of multiple subsidiary structures: Tower Co, Fiber Co ... can temporarily collect cash. In return, they will generate rents which will increase our annual expenses, hampering our future. They will not raise the Orange share price. We defend an economic model and a Group structure which preserves our long-term interests.

Social performance at the service of economic performance

We advocate a regional planning policy, with the installation of national entities in the regions, in order to revitalize the employment areas, to offer local staff prospects for development, without abandoning any geographic area: employment must be located where our customers are.

CFE-CGC Orange and ADEAS are fighting to keep decision centers as close as possible to the field, and to have our key skills re-internalized.

At the Group level, the subcontracting rate continues to increase. In 2018, it reached almost a third of our work force. Exercising our network and customer relations businesses with internal teams is the only solution to guarantee our quality of service, our autonomy, and proximity to our customers. Mastering our trades is the key to our sustainability!

We defend the maintenance of the coexistence of civil servants and employees under private law within the Group in France. Civil servants represent 35% of French staff. They are important and loyal shareholders of our company.

For CFE-CGC Orange and ADEAS, the coexistence of civil servants and employees poses no operational difficulty.

The 2003 law guarantees that all civil servants working at Orange will keep their status until the end of their activity. We defend this rule, and seek to obtain for all, civil servants and employees, the most favorable provisions of the law and company agreements.

Your candidacies


Laurence Dalboussière
Orange France


Thierry Chatelier,
Orange Business Services

Attendances fees

The CFE-CGC Orange administrators agree to pay all the attendance fees received as part of their mandate to their union organization, to enable it to better defend the collective interest of the staff and our company.

Our ethics ended up being adopted by all employee administrators.


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